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Who is Dolores Cannon?

Who is Dolores Cannon?

The late, great Dolores Cannon has a lifetim\ne of work in past life regression therapy. Her work evolved and she uncovered amazing findings through thousands of clients while under hypnosis!

Her work became known as QHHT (quantum healing hypnosis technique). After her death there are students of her work adding their own modalities in tandem with hers in their sessions which is called BQH (Beyond Quantum healing).

What is Quantum healing and why do I keep mentioning cardinals?

Look on YouTube under the terms QHHT, BQH and Dolores Cannon.

Dolores Cannon is also the only spirit I have ‘met’ that is working after death. She is contacting mediums and channels worldwide spreading her messages about quantum healing and encouraging everyone to continue her work.

Beyond quantum healing is changing everything. Interested in learning more?

Contact me for a session.

Dolores Cannon sends red cardinals

Dolores sends red cardinals

I finished the last emailed spirit reading on my list and made a note to self that channeling Dolores would be my next work.

After a proper rest, of course, and some usual procrastinating.

Instead of channeling, I decided to call my friend, Annie, who was on vacation.

I had been dropping by her apartment to feed and play with her black cat, Grace

while she was away.

I’d spoken to Annie about quantum healing before but not in too much depth.

As she was speaking to me on the phone; Annie shouted and said,

“Whoa, a red bird just flew right towards me almost right into my face!”

I just thought, “Really, Dolores?”

Then after Annie returned from vacation, she was on the phone with me again on her front porch and said,

“I just saw a cardinal fly past me 4 times”

So I asked to visit and when I did I told her about Dolores.

I wondered if it may be a sign not only for me to get busy channeling but also for Annie to listen to Dolores Cannon’s talks on YouTube and consider quantum healing.

Then Annie said,

“Oh yeah, I brought you a gift from my vacation in North Carolina, she handed me a box”

inside it was a keychain, with the symbol of the state of North Carolina on it:

A RED Cardinal.

I showed her.

we discussed the synchronicity.

Annie is one of my friends who is looking for a new path and I felt deeply that Dolores was tapping us both on the shoulders.

I look forward to what’s next.

And yes, as I write this I have scheduled a time to sit with Dolores today and will be sharing the answers to the questions that have been bouncing around my brain since taking and re-examining Candace’s BQH course for the third time.

I am so grateful to have this forum to share these experiences with all of you, experienced as well as newbies, and when I see the cardinals I feel they represent the community, the tribe of healers and seers and lightworkers that are doing this work now and that will be doing it in the near future.

In so much gratitude to Candace Craw-Goldman; her daughter, Lauren, for all of her hard work behind the scenes, and their families; for all the time and effort that has been put into the continuation and evolution of this work. It is by seeing the passion within the practioners that I myself become more passionate about learning my place in this amazing time we are existing.


In Love and in Light

Kim Scheurer

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Questions for Dolores Cannon from a Quantum healer newbie

These are questions I asked in advance to channeling the late. Great Dolores Cannon.

K: Why would we, as practitioners, turn away clients with Schizophrenia or other mental disorders?
D: Many of my beliefs and ideas while practicing my method are now no longer as cut and dry. The understanding of mental illness has changed. Labels are being given much more freely and that needs to be examined.
I know you are trying to understand the inter-dimensional connection and how this could be how those with schizophrenia already function
in other words, they see all of the realities overlapping. This work could be a confirmation to them that they do, indeed, see something that does exist.
However, this could also be harmful if someone who is needing medication stops using or goes without care until stable.
Much of the reason the rule existed was as a way to protect our clients, our practice and ourselves until we can understand more how we can help these clients.
Now is that time!
With this influx of people who have never been exposed to medical therapy, hypnosis, or intuitive, energy work this wave is discovering quantum healing and each have something to bring to the world.
ALL are valuable pieces of this work. We are all in this together. There is so much you don’t know yet.
K: Are these people unable to be healed quantumly? and if so, why?
D: No. All are able. A client must be stable enough, lucid enough for the interview and then able to relax/visualize. If they can functionally handle this they are no different than any other client.
If they can not. Long distance and/ or surrogate sessions may be held.
K: Why are many of us in relationships with others who are nonbelievers, sleepers, or just resistant to these ideas?
D:Polarity consciousness, karma, contracts!
We have so much work to do yet on ourselves. Our relationships ARE the work. How many lifetimes does it take to learn this!
K: What is our purpose with these relationships?
D: Our relationships are the challenges we set up and the people who play those parts in your play have all volunteered, as you have, to teach each other the life lessons of pain, love and loss, happiness and sorrow, all of it so that we can grow and become more compassionate and authentic. Love is the goal behind it all. Coming into communion with every relationship. Having respect for all in your life, even those you let go or who let you go.
K: As we remember our Higher Self, Past lives, etc. , in sessions or just by receiving downloads, How best can we work with the new information?
D:Let it soak in.
Take advantage of the technology and look it up!
research the visions that you receive. Go to the places that keep calling you.
Be open and ask and your guidance will keep telling you who you are.
K: As others remember their HS, How can we best serve them? As practitioner and/or as friend or family
D: Encourage them.
Do not slip into the 3d mindset yourself.
We are all having amazing upgrades and changes.
Listen with your hearts and ask how you can best be of service.
You will not always be a practitioner for all who are awakening but you are a fellow traveler in this amazing journey of human evolution.
Let’s all share in empowering and supporting each other.
K: What is the purpose of the ‘newbies’ to BQH, especially those who are mediums or completely new to hypnosis?
Many are here because they are needed.
Thier understanding in interdimensional communication is very valuable, just as valable as the understanding of hypnosis.
You see you all as practitioners of various modalities have a piece of this very large puzzle.
Until all of the pieces are together it is unclear how it all (and we all) fit together, but we certainly do.
It is, in fact, the union and combined energy and powerful healing intentional force of all of you practtioners combined that is needed to make the leaps that are necessary right now.
K: Has my mediumship abilities brought me here because there is something that I can see from my perspective that the seasoned healers may not see?
K: What are these things that I can question the seasoned practitioners to examine or explain as they pass their wisdom for the Highest Good of this healing work to us newbies?
Question them on their practice, on their way of sticking by the book or adding their own flavor.
There are no wrong ways to aid in healing as long as this is your intention.
K: Please elaborate on how we can best create unity between the QHHT practitioners, The BQH practioners, the newbies, and the seasoned?
D:This will be an ongoing process as new groups are coming together, there will be some confusion at first as learning takes time, but it is the responsibility of those who have come before to welcome, inform, and encourage.
K: How will this great influx of new students and potential new clients affect our world, the vibration, and our evolution process?
D: Incredibly!
It has already begun!
Just by the many who are speaking of BQH out of interest the vibration has risen!
K: What are the most important MESSAGES for all who read this now or in the ‘future’?
D: If you are reading this you need to learn about Quantum Healing.
Maybe you need a session
Maybe it is your life’s calling
Maybe it is part of your journey and you will add this to your own practice, undoubtedly changing and giving new meaning to everything you have known about what you are doing!
So consider this your invitation to explore my work, Dolores Cannon on the internet,
my books, QHHT my daughter’s official course, BQH Candace’s course and look at the many wonderful practitioners online as well as on the forum.
K: Thank you, Dolores for all you have done and for appearing in my reality. Thank you for all of the Cardinals!
D: It is only beginning. I am preparing you for your sessions.
Your clients are lining up.
Get rested and get ready!
I am with all of you and I applaud your courage in listening to your intuition
and adding your own modalities and skills to this every evolving work.
Keep following your intuition and stay in the Light.
Dolores Cannon
via questions channeled through
Kim Scheurer