Dolores Cannon expresses gratitude for event scheduled this weekend in Greece

First, I am just so honored and so proud of you all. Candace is a rockstar. My Dear, Dear friend! All of you lovely, lovely young people. It makes my entire being Light up when I hear my name being spoken and I see these plans being made in my name and in the name […]

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Dolores expresses gratitude for worldwide event to happen in Greece!

FB_IMG_1526751795902First, I am just so honored and so proud of you all.  Candace is a rockstar. My Dear, Dear friend!
All of you lovely, lovely young people.
It makes my entire being Light up when I hear my name being spoken and I see these plans being made in my name and in the name of my work!

What makes me even more proud is to see this legacy not only being carried on but being taken Beyond!

Thank you, Thank you, I am so very grateful. I never imagined that my work would be so influential and critical at this time. And make no mistake it is!

So Yes, you actually do not need guidance for these events in Greece.

At least not through this communication with Miss Kim.
I am with each of you and I will whisper my ideas to you as you wonder,
What would Dolores want? How would she handle this?

She tells me that Stephanie’s heart is so beautifully pure and her desire to create this event and to bring all of the practitioners together to her home in itself will bring all of the magic necessary.

The backdrop is perfect!

Those of you who are writing scripts and practicing your delivery are being guided, Do you feel it?

Speak the words and feel me with you.

You will all feel the rush of excitement before the events in which you are all participating and this is where the magic lives!

This will transfer to all who see this, and yes, many will see, online only!

So this too, breaks my own paradigm.

I can see how limited and contradictory my own rules of ‘in-person only’ work was.

Kim is a medium who I chose to deliver this message because she is very comfortable and only serves client online.

She never sees them, or even hears their voices, she never has a list of questions. She only asks their Highest Self to relay the most important messages to the client.

This is proof that all of this work is non-local. Because of this and others who are understanding and working in this way we are realizing that we are much more capable of connecting telepathically and may even do it more effectively.

So this event will be broadcast on various social media and those who participate will indeed receive the same or better results than those who travel and are physically present.

In fact, you may want to ask people to report on their experiences so you can see that this is indeed the case. I see lots of equipment being set up in a beautiful open space.

It will be very lovely.

All who are present will be blessed by this experience.

All who meet for the first time will be blessed by this meeting!

Beautiful and life-long connections will be made.

Both in person and virtually.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I am immensely grateful.

You have such a valuable and loving teacher and guide through Candace.

She is pioneering this in the most loving and Light filled way.

My life has truly been a life of purpose as my death continues to be.

Feel my love and my joy.

Look for the signs that I am with you.

I will be there and all will be perfect!

If it rains do not fret, I will send rainbows. Breathe and trust!

With so much love and gratitude. Keep up the excellent work!


Synchronistically, after posting Stephanie’s official announcement here

I returned to my housework.
Upon arriving at my sink to do dishes there looking right in at me at my kitchen window was a red cardinal.
Thank you, Dolores!
For the confirmation and unending encouragement and support!
In Love, Light and Gratitude
Kim Scheurer

Dolores Cannon encourages BQH practitioners

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I have been asking Dolores when the ‘right time’ to sit would be….It has been strange, I didn’t feel her presence so I was waiting to feel her as strongly as I had before.

I received some subtle signs, like cardinals playing with each other and flying all around my backyard and then I started getting more bookings for readings again, so I knew that it was time to sit and ask Dolores for the guidance that the Quantum Healing Practitioner’s have requested.

The lovely and gifted Quantum Practitioner, Stephanie, of the Loving Energy, had been organizing the event and patiently and thoroughly getting all of the details together. Along with so many others practitioners who are going to Greece to honor Dolores for the Wordwide online meditation.

The red cardinals fluttering all around and chasing after each other brought to mind all of the Quantum Practitioners racing and playing together gathering our resources and all singing in concert our praises for Dolores!
After tuning in I could feel so much love being expressed from Dolores to all of the BQH and QHHT practitioners all over the world!
Dolores is so proud and so honored to see how her practitioners, especially those who have gone ‘Beyond’ and those who have never met her, have taken the challenge and are pursuing their gifts and they are pioneering, as did she, in a field that is still misunderstood or judged.

This is changing! Keep going! The wave of people who are now using BQH, Yes, Beyond Quantum Healing, not QHHT specifically, but those who are allowing their own gifts to shine within my structure are taking this work beyond my perceived paradigm.

Even I had limited vision on the Earth plane. So before I talk about any trips, know that those starting your practice in BQH, those who are being called to leave traditional work, those who are feeling drawn to do QHHT a different way, with their own spin. This is the natural way and this is the way to go.

Something very beautiful and magical is happening with this. Because competition is a 3D concept, the QHHT principle still carries this energy. How do you choose one practitioner over another?

BQH is very unique. Each practitioner carries other gifts that compliment their sessions.

Each client also resonates towards certain practices.

For instance, those comfortable with mediums would gravitate to a medium and then inquire about how this is done or the medium would gauge if BQH would be the best practice for this client at the time.

Those familiar with Reiki and interested in QHHT would go to their Reiki practitioner and then they could be educated about this new ‘modality’

The term BQH will be on business cards and on therapist’s doors, websites and spoken of more an more, It will become a buzz acronym. People will start to see the letters so often that they will start to wonder and ask. So education as well is very important.

What is also important is that many ‘newbies’ are still trying to describe the practice and also the way in which their practice incorporates BQH.

Why the focus on BQH over QHH?

Mainly because QHHT is already established.
Because of Julia and her team as well as the you tube practitioners who are sharing their sessions. What needs to be done and will be now is those whose practices are taking on Quantum aspects will need to start recording their experiences, however appropriate, and present them to the public. Sharing stories is the best way to spread the awareness of the incredible value to the client that busting through the barriers of the limited 3D belief systems will bring to them.

The values such as: Seeing themselves in a time and space and place, that their soul recognizes, seeing the people that are current players in their lives and how you have been together before and the karmic connections that have been and in many cases still are shared.

Getting directly to the Akashic WITH the client.

My method and Beyond empowers people. They become practitioner and client.

They know after a session that the answers lie within and there is no need for an interpreter.

I see that my method is now branching off into methods that do not resemble mine, but are taking on powerful healing practices that are not coming from ‘training’ but practitioners are having spontaneous downloads now as well.

Are you one of those practitioners that are having unusual experiences come in during a session?

Are you being called to use your hands for healing or channel the Highest Guidance that aids in the process?

Are you holding sessions and then after feel the need to record each detail and or sit and digest the new ways in which your sessions are growing?

For all practitioners now:

1. Keep notes not just of your sessions but of the way in which they are changing for you.

2. Ask clients about their experience and record this to.

3. Tell everyone of this cutting edge modality so that they understand that they can have exactly the experience that they want and more.

4. And Lastly, All on me! I am with each and everyone of you. I will always be present when someone uses my method, I will guide and I will also let you know when I think something is not approprate. You will sense it.

I also, btw, can and do affect electronics and other variables if I am not approving of the way in which my practice is being handled.

I will instead communicate with the practitioner and guide them to the Highest and Best. If this is not being received I will guide the clients to practitioners who honor my practice and carry the Light.

The channeling continues in the next blog entitled
Kim Scheurer- The Medium that Rocks

Channeling Dolores Cannon I recently discovered Candace Craw-Goldman and her work on YouTube. She was interviewing Allison Coe regarding Dolores Cannon. I was so impressed with her that I decided right after hearing her invite to the Beta class that she was teaching to sign up and become a member of her Quantum healer community! To Introduce myself […]

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